Rules of the park

We have built a village in a vulnerable park, there are a number of regulations to make sure the atmosphere in the park remains amiable and the park remains clean:

  • It can be very crowded in the park, please take other people into account and please keep an eye on your children
  • Noorderzon is privileged to be able to rely upon the (voluntary) commitment of hundreds of people – please treat our crew with respect
  • Deposit your waste in the rubbish bins or at the waste collection points
  • Noorderzon has received a Green Key for environmental friendliness
  • Please help us to keep the festival as neat and clean as possible
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash – this is also beneficial to the animals themselves in the hustle and bustle
  • The park must be quiet at midnight. All catering points must be closed by 1 a.m. After this, you are requested to seek your pleasure elsewhere (at the Noorderzon Nightclub for instance)
  • The park is not a public toilet, there are free toilet facilities in the park
  • Please report any nuisance or transgression of the rules to the security services or members of staff, recognizable by their Crew T-shirts, vests and certified badges
  • In case of trouble, please do not undertake any action on your own. Noorderzon will keep watch, with both recognizable and non-recognizable supervisors
  • Nevertheless, take good care after your own possessions
  • Entering the festivalpark during the festival is at your own risk

Photo | Pierre Borasci