create to connect

Of course, we, as festivals are extremely efficient in flying international theatre-makers in, presenting them, and flying them out again. However, the opportunity to present an artist and his/her ideas to local audiences in a way other than merely through the show itself is only very limited. And this is a pity because such people are often extremely interesting and have fascinating stories to tell. The participants in the Create to Connect project have indicated that it is time to have a closer look at this approach, and to consider new sustainable ways of realizing (lasting) links between local audiences and the international artist. Like NXTSTP, 50% of the Create to Connect project costs are covered by the partners and 50% by the European Union.

Create to Connect 2013-2018

  • WERC | Interactive campaign image 2014, 2015 , Waterstaat (2014)
  • Behind the scenes with Joost Ramaer (2014, 2015)
  • Educate Yourself: NoorderZomerschool, Rotor Colleges (2015)
  • 600 HIGHWAYMEN | The Record (2014)
  • Despootpoëzie | Retorica in Extrema (2015)
  • Lander Patrick | Arrastaõ (2015)
  • Roger Bernat | Numax-Fagor-plus (2015)


Bunker (Ljubljana, Slovenië – projectleider) | Artsadmin (Londen, Groot Brittannië) | EGEAC/Teatro Maria Matos (Lissabon, Portugal) | AltArt (Cluj-Napoca, Roemenië) Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival (Groningen, Nederland) | Théâtre La Villette (Parijs, Frankrijk) | Santarcangelo del Teatri (Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italië) | Festival De Keuze (Rotterdam, Nederland) | Arts and Theatre Institute (Praag, Tjechië) | Teorija koja hoda (Walking Theory) (Beograd, Servië).