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Noorderzon is an eleven-day international manifestation of the performing arts and, at the same time, a large-scale festival in a splendid park: the monumental Noorderplantsoen. Here, tens of thousands of people gather every day, to enjoy the many performances, shows and concerts, or just to have a drink and enjoy the atmosphere. We offer an elaborate range of performances and activities, varying from from a literature programme to children’s activities, from shows by internationally renowned companies to those of local collectives, and a lot more…

A large but temporary festival village is erected in the park, with many different stages, art objects, bars, restaurants, as well as other constructions. Noorderzon, however, also extends to the city centre. Outside the park there are around twenty other venues, both small and large, that generously open their doors to our activities. Noorderzon DownTown is what we call the festival area outside the park.

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Hospitality - Stichting Noorderzon Groningen
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Visitors: Noorderbuitensingel 11, Groningen
Mail: P.O. Box 1736 – 9701 BS Groningen NL

Getting and staying in Groningen

How to get there?
Most of you will arrive at Schiphol Airport and travel to Groningen by train. We recommend the direct train to Groningen Central Station (last stop). Please see: for more information about train travel in the Netherlands (including a journey planner).

Make sure you purchase your train ticket from either the ticket office or one of the ticketing machines, before you board the train. By car you can reach the city via the A28 and A7 motorways. The location of the park (for navigation systems) is Oranjesingel, 9717 Groningen (the Netherlands).

If you have a question about accommodation in Groningen, please contact our hospitality staff via Debbie Elzinga is glad to help!