Who are we

The base team of Noorderzon is:

Femke Eerland (general director), Mark Hospers (general coordinator & campaign leader), Roland Oostinga (administration), Maryanti Tjia (office manager), Bianca Burema (office manager).

Mark Yeoman (artistic director), Henk Bothof (programme producer), Nynke Oele (kids activities), Peter Sikkema (music programmer Spiegeltent and Dok), Joey Ruchtie (music programmer Spiegeltent and Dok), Hielke Wenselaar (music programmer Podium op Zuid and de Werf), Marinke Kerkhoff (music programmer Podium Plataan), Frits Selie (music programmer Synagoge & Der Aa-kerk), Stefan Nieuwenhuis (programmer literature).

Communication & PR
Mark Hospers (head of communication & pr), Milou de Boer (communication & pr), Robbert van Heuven (author).

Marijn Nagel (production coordinator), Henk Bothof (programme producer), Folkert Swart (technical producer), Milan Breukers (artist production), Eva Weers (assistant programme producer), Rutger Smit (assistant programme producer), Marlene Boere (assistant artist production),  Annemieke Lowijs (production assistant).

Carol van Gelder (hospitality), Patrick van Lint & Shannen Badenbroek (volunteers coordination), Sigo Koning (catering), Marleen van der Veen (catering), Ivo Fontijn (catering), Lara van der Bergh & Dagmar Detmar (ticketing), Ids Blaauw (merchandise).

Management & Board Stichting Noorderzon 2016
Noorderzon is a not-for-profit foundation, and therefore it has a Board. The foundation is run by general director Femke Eerland. Our Board duties are fullfilled by a team of dedicated volunteers: 
Mr. Dirk Nijdam (chair, first term), Mrs. Baukje Jensma (member, second term) and Mr. Rob Janssen (member, second term), and Mr. Hans Gerritsen (member, first term).

The Foundation and it's Board follow as much as applicable the '23 Recommendations for Cultural Governance'. For more information please look at this site.