What can I do?

What's there for me to help with?

We're extremely proud of Groningen that so many people each year, come to volunteer on our festival. But: more and more we also meet international volunteers on our festival. So, also a very warm welcome to you! We've selected a couple of jobs and projects we'd appreciate your assistance with. But, if you're coming from abroad to help us out, we do ask you to take contact with our co-ordinators first, so we can explain a bit more and look for jobs that will suit you best. So please mail our coordinator - Patrick - first at: crew2018@noorderzon.nl. We don't provide lodgings for people travelling to Groningen, but we can assist in finding you a good place to stay. 

Bars / Hospitality
Noorderzon builds 9 main Bars on the festivalterrain. All bars have an outdoor terrace (or terraces) too, and we serve drinks (no strong liquor), soft drinks, coffee and tea. Each bar is led by two or three co-ordinators, whom will be your main contact, next to all the other volunteers of course and the crewcoordinators Noorderzon has a permit to create 'noise' untill midnight and all bars close maximum an hour later, at 01:00 pm. You will assist in the bar, serving and pouring drinks mainly, this can be the first shift in the afternoon and early evening or the second shift in the evening till closure. Our main hospitality sponsor gives instructions about how to make a draft beer and you'll get coffee-making instructions (we work with special machines). Don't worry if there's things you don't know (yet), or you're not able to do (yet): you're here to help and we will teach you!

Ticketing (selling and checking) 
At the end of July each year, one can buy tickets for our programme. During the festival we sell about 26.000 'bigger' tickets via our Kiosk (Ticketing office) and an additional 20.000 'little' tickets on locations. Not every show sells out and some tickets one can only buy on the location itself. The (remaining) tickets and reservations that are not picked up are sold at the venue itself by you, half an hour before start of the show. At the ticketing office you can pick up the tickets and a little cash to sell the tickets, we provide you with this. At the venue you need to check the tickets once the audience is entering the venue and with your collegue(s) you assist the audience, point them in the right direction and you'll help to find a place for everyone to sit. Each venue has a locationmanager, he or she is your main contact there. Usually you can also stay to see the performance. The main part of our programma ends around 10:00 or 11:00 pm. All noise needs to end at 00:00 (midnight), so your work will at max be done at 00:00.

Technical Assistance - Stagelighting and Audio
Each venue is led by a team. The locationmanagers are the main contacts for a venue. A team of dedicated technicians assists in making a performance happen on our temporary stages. For technical assistance we've joined hands with some of the technical schools in the North of Holland, so we can train young people and give them an unique experience. Of course our head of the technical department and some more experiences technicians help them with this.

Special Projects/Companies & Kids
Our programme is different, crispy new and exciting each year. And sometimes we programme some projects or special companies that need a little bit more help or attention. Like a project in a very special place or location or which needs some special performance-assistance. But: it differs every year! Our Kids-projects and activities are co-ordinated and curated by 'in house' expert Eva Weerts. To assist you do need to be young at heart! And, of course, you need to like children! Most of these activities are programmed in the afternoon, late afternoon or early evening.