Rules of the park

Because the Noorderzon village is built in a monumental park, we kindly request you to respect the rules, to keep the
atmosphere convivial and the park clean: 

  • It can be very busy in the park: please allow others to enjoy it too, keep an eye on your children, keep any pets on a leash at all times and look after your personal possessions.
  • Every year, Noorderzon is lucky to have hundreds of people – many of them volunteers – working together to make the festival possible. Please treat the festival crew with respect.
  • Please keep the interests of neighbours and the area’s inhabitants in mind: leave the park quietly and do not leave litter in the streets.
  • At 12 midnight, at the very latest, performances will end, and at 1 AM, at the very latest, all bars will close and other refreshment sales will cease. You are kindly requested to continue enjoying the night elsewhere (for instance at the Noorderzon Nightclub).
  • Noorderzon is proud to have the Green Key sustainability quality mark for quite a few years now. Please help to keep the park clean, depositing any trash in the available waste containers.
  • Public urination is prohibited. Please use the free toilet facilities.
  • Please report any nuisance to the uniformed security staff. Should there be any problems, please do not engage in individual action. Noorderzon maintains supervision, with festival supervisors operating in uniform and in plainclothes.
  • Any visits to the Noorderplantsoen park are at your own risk.

Photo | Pierre Borasci