Artist Archive

Here's a selection of the artists and companies that performed at Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen in the previous years

Performing arts/music (inter)national:



1er Stratagème (France)
Forecasting (2013)

2b theatre company & Hawksley Workman (Canada)
The God That Comes (2013)

The Record (2014) - with Noorderzon
Employee of the Year (2015)


Aart Strootman (NL)
Steve Reich Marathon (2015)

Acrobat (Australia)
Smaller - Poorer - Cheaper (2007)
PropagandA (2010)

Adam Green (US)
Concert (2008)

Afterpartees (NL)
Concert (2015)

Akhe (Belarus)
White Cabin (2005)

Aki Takase & Louis Sclavis (Japan, France)
Concert (2009)

Alice Ripoll (Brazil)
Suave (2015)

Alvis Hermanis/New Riga Theatre (Latvia)
Sonja (2007)

Amit Drori (Switzerland)
Savanna, A Possible Landscape (2013)

Amund Sjølie Sveen (Noorwegen)
Sound of Freedom (2013

Anna Aaron (Switzerland)
Concert (2012)

Andrew Dickson (US)
AC Dickson: E-Bay Powerseller (2006)

Angus & Julia Stone (Australia)
Concert (2008)

Ant Hampton (GB)
The Bench (2010) with Glen Neath
Elsewhere, Offshore (Part 1 - Cue China) (2012)

Antony Hamilton (Australia)
Black Project 1 (2013)
MEETING (2015)

Antoine Defoort (Belgium)
&&&&& & &&& (2009) - with Halory Goerger
Cheval (2011) - with Julien Fournet
Germinal (2013) - with Halory Goerger
A Low Level of Originality (Lecture - bêta version) (2014)

Aphids (Australia)
System Building (2009)

Arling&Arling (Netherlands)
De astronaute en de ster (2005)

Aruspice Circus (France)
Buno Solo (2008)

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (Denmark)
Concert (2009)

Austra (Canada)
Concert (2011)

Avner Eisenberg (VS)
Exceptions to Gravity (2014)

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Back to Back Theatre (Australia)
Small Metal Objects (2007)

 Balanescu Quartet (GB)
Second Breath & Play (2008)
Balanescu's Happy Hour (2008)

Bart Constant (Netherlands)
Concert (2012)

Baryshnikov Arts Center & Dmitry Krymov Laboratory
In Paris - A Play (2011)

Béla Pintér and Company (Hungary)
Muck (2012)

Benjamin Verdonck/KVS/Toneelhuis (Belgium)

Betontanc (Slovenia)
Show your face! (2008)

Bettina Atala/Grand Magasin (France)
Saison 1, Episode 2 (2009)

BERLIN (Belgium)
Land's End (2012)
Perhaps All The Dragons (2014)

Bill Callahan (US)
Concert (2009)

Birth of Joy (NL)
Concert (2015)

The Black Lips (US)
Concert (2009)

BlackSkyWhite (Russia)
Bertrand's Toys (2002)
Astronomy for Insects (2004)

Blaudzun (Netherlands)
Concert (2010)

BL!NDMAN (Belgium)
Turntables 4 Voices (2008)

Blind Summit Theatre (GB)
The Table (2012)

Bosnian Rainbows (VS)
Concert (2013)

Bowerbirds (US)
Concert (2012)

Boyzie Cekwana & Panaibra Canda (South Africa/Mozambique)
The inkomati (dis)cord (2012)

Brendan Benson (VS)
Concert (2013)

Bridie Jackson & The Arbour (GB)
Concert (2014)

Broken Brass Ensemble (NL)
Concert (2014)

Brokentalkers (Ireland)
In Real Time (2009)
The Blue Boy (2011)

Bruno Beltrao/Grupa de Rua (Brazil)
H3 (2009)

Buck 65 (US)
Concert (2006)

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Camille Boitel (France)
L'Immédiat (2012)

CANTINA (Australia)
CANTINA (2011)

Caribou (Canada)
Concert (2010)

Carmen Linares (Spain)
Concert (2004)

Case Mayfield (Netherlands)
Concert (2012)

Chamber Made Opera (Australia)
Phobia (2005)

Charles Gayle (US)
Concert (2010)

Charlotte Engelkes (Sweden)
Miss Very Wagner (2007)

Chatham County Line (US)
Concert (2007)

Chelfitsch (Japan)
We Are the Undamaged Others (2010)

!!! (Chk, Chk, Chk) (US)
Concert (2007)


Chromeo (US)
Concert (2007)

Chunky Move (Australia)
Glow (2007)
Mortal Engine (2008)

Cie111 (France)
Plan B (2006) - with Phil Soltanoff (US)
Sans Objet (2013)

Circa (Australia)
The Space Between (2006)
By the light of stars that are no longer (2008)

Circus Ronaldo (Belgium)
Fili (2002)

Cirque Inextremiste (Frankrijk)
Extension (2015)

Cirque Ici/Johan Le Guillerm (France)
Secret (2005)

Cirq'ulation Locale (Belgium/France)
Who Goes On? (2006)

Claudio Stellato (Belgium)
L'Autre (2010)

Cloud Control (Australia)
Concert (2011)

Club Fisk (Denmark)
Forestillinger (2007)

Club Guy & Roni (Netherlands)
Welcome to Soledad (2006)
The Last Chaos Piece (2008)
Poetic Disasters (2009)
L'Histoire du Soldat (2013) - with Platforma Project
Phobia (2015) - Met En-Knap en Slagwerk Den Haag

Comic Trust (Russia)
White Side Story (2004)

Compagnie Adrien M (France)
Cinematique (2010)

Compagnie Bakélite (France)
Braquage (2013)

Compagnie Baninga / Delavallet Bidiefono (Republiek Congo)
Au-Dèla (2013)

Compagnie MPTA (France)
Ali (2010)

Compagnie Non Nova (France)
Afternoon of a Foehn - Version 1 (2012)

Compagnie Par Terre/Anne Nguyen (France)
Promenade Obligatoire (2012)

Christiane Jatahy (Brazil)
Julia (2013) - with Companhia Vértice de Teatro
What if they went to Moscow? (2015) - with Cia Vértice

Christophe Meiherhans (Belgium)
You take the words right out of my mind (2015)

Compañía Luis Biasotto (Argentina)
África (2013)

contact Gonzo (Japan)
The Late Drummer... (2011)

Crew/Eric Joris (Belgium)
crash 3.0 (2005)
'u'_razende stilstand (2006)

CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) (Brazil)
Concert (2011

Curious (GB)
On the Scent (2004)

Cut Copy (Australia)
Concert (2008)

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 Daniel Bernard Roumain (US)
concerto for orchestra, violin and laptop (2006)

Daniel Fish (VS)
Eternal (2014)

Daniel Koren (VS)
The Most Important Thing (2015)

Das Fräulein / Anne-Cécile Vandalem (Belgium)
Michel Dupont, réinventer le contraire du monde (2013)

Daughter (GB)
Concert (2013)

Davis Freeman-Random Scream (BE)
Karaoke (ART) (2014)

Dayna Hanson (VS)
The Clay Duke (2013)

Deep Sea Arcade (Australia)
Concert (2013)

Delgado Fuchs (Switserland)
Long Sky-Blue Woollen Coat... (2009)

Despootpoëzie (NL)
Retorica in Extrema (2015)

Devotchka (US)
Concert (2009)

Dez Mona (Belgium)
Pursued Sinners (2005)

DJ Spooky (US)
Rebirth of a Nation (2006)

De Utvalgte (Norway)
Jimmy Young (2008)
Skuggar (2010)
The Art of Being Tamed (2012)
The Chosen Ones (2015)

The Dodos (US)
Concert (2008)

Doelenkwartet (Netherlands)
WTC 09/11 and Different Trains by Steve Reich (2012)

Annie Dorsen (US)
Hello Hi There (2011)

Dries Verhoeven (Netherlands)
Uw koninkrijk kome (2003)

Dry the River (UK)
Concert (2011)

Dunja Jocic/Korzo Producties (Serbia/ NL)
Don't talk to me in my sleep (2015)

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East Cameron Folkore (VS)
Concert (2014)

Eboman (Netherlands)
Verknipt (2005)

Edgar Oliver (VS)
Helen & Edgar (2014)

Edit Kaldor (Netherlands)
C'est du Chinois (2010)

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (US)
Concert (2011)

Efterklang (Denmark)
Concert (2008)

Eisa Jocson (Phillipines)
Macho Dancer (2013)
Host (2015)

EkosDance Company (Indonesia)
Cry Jailolo (2015)

El Conde de Torrefiel (Spain)
Escenas para una conversación después del visionado de una película de Michael Haneke (2015)

Enrique Diaz/Cristina Moura/Coletivo Improviso (Brasil)
otro (or) weknowitsallornothing (2010)

Ensemble Klang (Netherlands)
Walden (2008)

Ernst Reijsiger (Netherlands)
Requiem for a Dying Planet (2009)

Esser (UK)
Concert (2008)

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Fadhel Jaïbi & Familia Productions (Tunesia)
Yahia Yaïch (Amnesia) (2011)

Fai Fai (Japan)
My Name Is I LOVE YOU (2009)

Fanny & Alexander (Italy)
Him (2009)

Faulty Optic (GB)
Licked (2005)

Faustin Linyekula/Studios Kabako (Congo)
More, more, more... future (2009)

Faustus (GB)
Concert (2013)

Feria Musica (Belgium)
Le Vertige du Papillon (2004)

Fernando Rubio (Argentina)
Alles aan mijn zijde/Everything by my side (2013) - with Noorderzon
When we were kids (2014) - with Intimoteatroitinerante

Figurentheater Teubingen (Germany)
salto.lamento (2009)

Filip Jordens (Belgium)
Hommage à Brel (2002)

Fitz & The Tantrums (US)
Concert (2011)

Fleur Elise Noble (Australia)
2 Dimensional Life of Her (2010)

Fool's Gold (VS)
Concert (2010)

Forced Entertainment (GB)
Quizoola! (2004)

France Distraction (France and Belgium)
France Distraction (2013)

Frank Boyd (VS)
The Holler Sessions (2015)

Freshly Ground (South-Africa)
Concert (2006)

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Galili Dance (Netherlands)
See Under X (2003)
Your Place, My Place (2006)

Gallowstreet Brass Band (NL)
Concert (2014)

Gérald Kurdian (France)
1999 (2013)

Get Well Soon (Germany)
Concert (2008)

Big Hits (2012)

Gisèle Vienne (France)
This is how you will disappear (2010)

Gob Squad (Germany/GB)
Super Night Shot (2005)
Gob Squad's Kitchen (2007)
Before Your Very Eyes (2011) with CAMPO

Gogol Bordello (US)
Concert (2006)

Guillemots (GB)
Concert (2006)

Gunilla Heilborn & Co. (Sweden)
Gorkij Park 2 (2014)

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Haim (VS)
Concert (2013)

Hanne Hukkelberg (Norway)
Concert (2009)

Hans Rosenström (Finland/Sweden)
Mikado (2012)

Halory Goerger (France)
&&&&& & &&& (2009) with Antoine Defoort
Metrage Variable (2010)
Germinal (2013) with Antoine Defoort

Hamilton Leithauser (VS)
Concert (2014)

Hazelle Goodman (US)
On Edge (2006)

Concert (2010)

Heartless Bastards (VS)
Concert (2013)

Hege Haagenrud (Norway)
De Jury (2015)

Hiroaki Umeda (Japan)
Duo & Accumulated Layout (2007)
2.repulsion & Holistic Strata (2011)

Howool Baek & Matthias Erian (South Korea/Germany)
NOTHING for 60min (2014)

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Icelandic Dance Company (Iceland)
We are all Marlene Dietrich FOR (2005)

Ictus (Belgium)
Waits/Weill (2007)

IIPM International Institute of Political Murder (Germany, Switzerland)

Irene Schweizer's Where's Africa Trio (Switzerland)
Concert (2010)

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Jagwar Ma (AUS)
Concert (2014)

Jake Isaac (GB)
Concert (2015)

Janek Turkowski (Poland)
Margarete (2012)
Smalfilm (2013) with Noorderzon and Stichting GAVA

JeckoS DANCE (Indonesia)
Terima Kost (2010)

Jessica Lea Mayfield (US)
Concert (2009)

JIGALOV (Germany)
Jigalov! (2012)

Jorge Morro en Norbert Servos (Germany)
in\Two Solo's (2014)

Jose Gonzalez (Sweden)
Concert (2008)

Jos Houben (France)
De Lachende Mens (2007)

Jo Strømgren Kompani (Norway)
The Department (2006)
The Hospital (2007)

Julie Atlas Muz & Friends (US)
The Four Strippers of the Apocalyps (2008)
The Great Distraction of 2010

Jungle By Night (Netherlands)
Concert (2011)

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Kakkmaddafakka (Norway)
Concert (2011)

Kamagurka (Belgium)
Kama zingt (2002)
Kamarotti (2003)

Katzenjammer (Norway)
Concert (2009)

Kharkiv State Theater (Ukraine)
Hamlet. Dreams (2003)
Love's Month (2003)

Kid Koala (Canada)
Nufonia Must Fall (Live) (2014)

Kidd Pivot (Canada)
Uncollected Stories (2004)

Klaus Obermaier & Chris Haring (Germany/GB)
Vivisector (2004)

Knarsetand (NL)
Concert (2014)

Kobalt Works & Amrita Performing Arts (Belgium/Cambodja)
Crack (2012)

Kornél Mundruczó/Proton Theatre (Hongary)
Dementia (2014)

Kovacs (NL)
Concert (2014)

Kuenta i Tambu (NL)
Concert (2014)

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La Chiva Gantiva (Belgium)
Concert (2013)

Lakka (Brasil)
Is the body the medium of dance? - Other Parts (2011)

La Laguna/Agostina Lopéz (Argentina)
La Laguna (2013)

Lander Patrick (Portugal)
Arrastaõ (2015)

La Patogallina (Chili)
1907... el ano de la flor negra (2006)

Laura Veirs and the Hall of Flames (US)
Concert (2010)

La Serre (France)
La Serre (2003)

Latitude 14 (US)
Red Fly/Blue Bottle (2009)

Licedei (Russia)
Pokathuka (2002)
Semenyuki (2002)

Local Natives (US)
Concert (2010)

LOD (Belgium)
Muur (2010)
Long Grass (2012)
Sneeuw (2015) - with Silbersee

Lola Arias (Argentina)
Mi Vida Despues (2009)

Lord Huron (VS)
Concert (2013)

Los Galindos (Spain)
Maiurta (2014)

Low (US)
Concert (2007)

The Low Anthem (US)
Concert (VS)

Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental (US)
El Conquistador (2006)

Lundahl & Seitl (Sweden)
An Elegy to the Medium of Film (2015)

Lucius (VS)
Concert (2014)

Lucy Rose (GB)
Concert (2013)

Luke George (Australia)
NOW NOW NOW (2012)

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Maarten Vos en Greg Haines
Concert (2015)

Magnus (BE)
Concert (2014)

Maike Lond (Estonia)
10 journeys to a place where nothing happens (2014)

Maison du Malheur (NL)
Concert (2013)

MaisonDahlBonnema (Belgium)
The Ballad of Ricky and Ronny (2008)
Ricky and Ronny and Hundred Stars (2010)

Mann Friday (GB)
Concert (2013)

Manual Cinema (VS)
Mementos Mori (2015)

Maria del Mar Moreno Y Su Grupo (Spain)
Momentitos de Locura (2005)

Maria Jerez (Spain)
The Movie (2010)
The Perfect Alibi (2011)

Mariano Pensotti (Argentina)
El Pasado es un Animal Grotesco (2011)
Cineastas (2014) - with Grupo Marea

MartHa!tentatief (Belgium)
LOT (2013)

Matanicola (Germany)
Under (2005)
Ladies First (2007)

Megafaun (US)
Concert (2010)

Meindert Talma & The Negroes (Netherlands)
Het Bombardement (2005)
Nu geloof ik wat er in de bijbel staat (2007)
WERKMAN (2015) - with The Melisma Saxophone Quartet

 Membros (Brasil)
Febre (2008)

Michel Groisman & Gabriela Duvivier (Brasil)
Transferência (2012)

Michela Lucenti (Italy)
I Sette a Tebe (2007)

Mike Daisey (US)
Monopoly! (2007)
The Envoy's Dilemma (2008)

Mischa Macpherson Trio (GB)
Concert (2015)

Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker (Japan)
Ms Berserker ATTTTTACKS!! Elektro☆Schock☆Luv☆Luv☆Luv☆ Shout!!!!! (2013)

 Momix (US)
Momix in Orbit (2001)

Monotonix (Israël)
Concert (2010)

Mossoux-Bonté (Belgium)
Twin Houses (2002)

Motus (Italy)
X.03 (2008)
Alexis. Una Tragedia Greca (2011)

Moullinex (Portugal/Germany)
Concert (2015)

Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom (South-Africa)
Township Stories (2008)

Concert (2013)

The Mummers (GB)
Concert (2009)

Muziektheater Transparant (Belgium)
Porselein (2011)

My Baby (NL)
Concert (2015)

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Nature Theater of Oklahoma (US)
Poetics: A Ballet Brut (2006)
Rambo Solo (2008)
Romeo and Juliet (2008)

Neneh Cherry & RocketNumberNine (Sweden/UK)
Concert (2015)

Nick Waterhouse (VS)
Concert (2014)

Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor Dance Projects (Israël)
Big Mouth (2010)

Niwagekidan Penino (Japan)
Frustrating Picture Book for Adults (2010)

Noisettes (GB)
Concert (2013)

Arnoud Noordegraaf (Netherlands)
A.M. (2011)

Noord Nederlands Toneel (Netherlands)
Ik zeg wat ik denk (2003)
MacBeth (2004)
Verzet (2005)
Welcome to Soledad (2006)
The Night of the 33 Lucky Ones (2008)
The Last Chaos Piece (2008)
De Mevrouwen Aarsschaafsel & Korrelfotze (2009)

Nzi Dada (France)
Optional groove & Funtional music (2005)

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OMSK/Lotte van den Berg (Netherlands)
Pleinvrees (2012)

Orlando Julius & The Heliocentrics (NG/GB)
Concert (2015)

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Pablo Larraín (Chili)
Acceso (2015)

PanPan Theatre (Ireland)
Mac-Beth 7 (2004)
The Seagull and Other Birds (2015)

Pathosformel (Italy)
La Timidezza delle Ossa (2008)

Pavlov Medialab/E-lab (Netherlands)
Inside Out (2008)
Open Mind | Live Lab (2009)
Open Mind | Time, what makes us tick? (2010)

Peeping Tom (Belgium)
Le Jardin (2003)

PeerGrouP (Netherlands)
Onland - landschap in transitie (2011)

Peter Shub/Shubcraft (Germany)
Stand Up and Fall Down (2010)

Philippe Quesne/Vivarium Studio (France)
L'Effet de Serge (2009)
Next Day (2014) - with CAMPO (België)

Pichet Klunchun Dance Company (Thailand)
Nijinsky Siam (2010)
Black and White (2012)

PME-ART (Canada)
The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information (2011)

Pokey LaFarge (VS)
Concert (2013)

Pol Heyvaert (Belgium)
FML (Fuck My Life) (2010)

Polski Teatr Tanca (Poland)
The Battle between Carnival and Lent (2003)

Port O'Brien (US)
Concert (2009)

Post Presents Post (Australia)
Who's The Best? (2013)

Public in Private/Clément Layes (Germany)
Allege (2012)

Puggy (Belgium)
Concert (2013)

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Quarantine & Company Fierce (UK)
Susan & Darren (2010)
Entitled (2011)
The Soldier's Song (2011)
Wallflower (2015)

Quartetto d'Archi di Torino (Italy)
Morton Feldman's Second String Quartet (2010)

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Race Horse Company (Finland)
Super Sunday (2014)

Rachel Unthank & The Winterset (GB)
Concert (2008)

Radiohole (US)
Anger/Nation (2008)

Ralph van Raat (Netherlands)
Walk during an essay for a sonate (2005)
Plays John Adams (2007)

 Random Collision (Netherlands)
Leaving Behavior (2007)
Hunger (2011)

Ranters Theatre (Australia)
Holiday (2009)
Intimacy (2012)

Red Bastard (US)
Red Bastard (2010)

Renegade (Canada)
Rumble (2005)

Rimini Protokoll (Germany)
Call Cutta in a Box (2008)

Rina Yerushalmi & Itim Theatre Ensemble (Israël)
The Dybbuk