3 coproductions for 2015

Posted at: 02 Oct 2014

3 International Coproductions

Noorderzon 2014 has just ended, but we are already working on the next edition. The first three international coproductions for our 25th edition are confirmed. On to 2015!

Brokentalkers | Frequency 783

Frequency 783 is the latest piece from Brokentalkers (Ireland), who visited Noorderzon before with The Blue Boy.

In this bold new production Brokentalkers examine perspectives on health, ageing and the future from the point of view of two very different generations.  On stage a teenage boy foresees his own death, while a woman in her sixties predicts that in the future robots will make better care-givers to the elderly, as they would never lose patience or become abusive. Frequency 783 explores the hopes and fears of people who imagine a future that they may never have a chance to realise.  

This performance is a coproduction of Dublin Theatre Festival and Noorderzon, and has just premiered in Dublin. Artistic director Mark Yeoman will watch the performance there. You can already check it out in this clip:


PanPan Theatre | The Seagull and Other Birds

The Seagull and Other Birds by PanPan Theatre (Ireland) is a roller coaster reimagining of Anton Chekhov's much-loved comic masterpiece.

The performance centres around a concise new version of The Seagull integrated with a number of works specially commissioned by the company. Through the wormhole of the new work, Chekhov’s characters find themselves in extraordinarily different contexts: classic plays, TV shows, YouTube and stuff they’ve just made up.

The result is playful and uncompromising – expect lots of talk about art, some action, and tons of love.

This performance has also just premiered at Dublin Theatre Festival. Noorderzon coproduces this performance in collaboration with Dublin for NXTSTP.


Lundahl & Seitl | An Elegy to the Medium of Film

The third confirmed performance for 2015 is An Elegy to the Medium of Film by Lundahl & Seitl (Great Britain), premieres now at steirischer herbst.

Lundahl & Seitl create artworks as elegies to specific art forms and the architectural institutions where those forms are presented. In this new project they are exploring the future of film and the cinema. An Elegy proposes the hypothesis that we carry so much film inside us that we need very little external stimuli to create a cinematic experience. Visitors will enter a darkened room in which they experience projections that play not on the screen in front of them, but in their own consciousness. Mixing video projection with audio and choreographed touch, the visitor’s imagination will be projected out into the cinema.

Noorderzon coproduces this performance together with steirischer herbst, Göteborg Dans & Teater Festival and Kunstenfestivaldesarts for NXTSTP. Programme coordinator Henk Bothof will visit the performance at steirischer herbst.