Noorderzon is seeking 8 good storytellers

Posted at: 10 Mar 2016

*** At the moment we have enough participants - thank you! ***

For a video project for Noorderzon 2016, we are looking for 8 enthusiastic storytellers who are willing to take us back to what it was like when they were 21. What was your life like then, what did it feel like to be young at the time and do you remember a few specific stories? There is no need to have experienced astounding adventures in order to apply. Everyone has their own minor and major stories and memories from the time, and these are all equally interesting to us. 

We are looking for participants in eight different age categories. Your story will become part of Swiss artist and film-maker Mats Staub’s project 21 – Memories of Growing Up. At Noorderzon 2016, the project will be presented as a video installation in the beautiful Watertoren, the water tower overlooking the park. We do not require people with experience as actors, but you will have to be able to easily narrate your memories in English. Then your story will become part of the international Noorderzon main programme! It would also be wonderful if you could tell your parents, grandparents and any other relatives and friends about this project too.

This year, Noorderzon will begin Thursday 18 August and end on Sunday 28 August.

About the performance: Mats Staub | 21 – Memories of Growing Up
21 collects individual memories of how different people experienced their ‘coming of age’ in the period roughly between 1940 and 2010. The stories are all about turning 21. As stories they reflect the shared experiences of an entire generation, but also recollect examples of private situations, personal stories and experiences which require us – at whatever age – to mature or to grow. 21 presents the portraits as a video installation. The storytellers are filmed while first listening to audio recordings of their own memories. Eight new stories will be recorded especially for Noorderzon. Noorderzon will present this installation as part of the European network Create to Connect.

Who we are looking for
We are looking for people who fit the following profile:

- Woman or man, born between 1920 and 1928
- Woman or man, born between 1939 and 1943
- Man, born between 1949 and 1954
- Woman or man, born between 1949 and 1954
- Woman or man, born between 1965 and 1968
- Woman or man, born between 1969 and 1974
- Woman or man, born between 1975 and 1978
- Woman or man, born between 1980 and 1988

In order to participate, you must meet the following requirements:
- You must speak English
- You must be able travel to a location in the city of Groningen for the recording session
- Although you do not have to be able to act, you must be able to tell your story well in English

The preparations will take place in two sessions: first, an audio recording will be made about what it was like to turn 21. A few months later, Staub will film you while listening to your own interview and experiencing your memories anew.

- You must be available 14, 15 or 16 April for the interview
- You must be available 30 June or 1 July to be filmed

Interested in participating?
If you wish to participate, please fill in a form before Friday 25 March at You will then be informed before 1 April whether you have been selected to participate. Of course we will carefully consider all entries, but it could well be the case that there are so many applications that we will not be able to ask you to participate.

About Noorderzon
The 26th edition of Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen will begin on Thursday 18 August and end on Sunday 28 August 2016. Noorderzon is a rare and somewhat curious combination of a cutting-edge international performing arts festival and a major summer extravaganza receiving some 150,000 visitors. The festival revolves around the idyllic Noorderplantsoen park, transformed for eleven days into a sprawling festival village welcoming all, where theatre, music, literature and visual arts are accompanied by fine food and drinks, and myriad social encounters. Performances take place in tents or on outdoor stages in the Noorderplantsoen and at many other locations and partner venues in Groningen city centre (Noorderzon DownTown).