Programme tips final days

Posted at: 24 Aug 2019

There is so much to see and experience at Noorderzon. That's why each day we give you some programme tips. During the festival will keep you updated with new tips.
Do you prefer us to find something for you? Then take a look at a Mystery Performance or Mystery Route. We select a performance or even a small programme that we'll reveal to you on the day itself.

Programme tips final weekend:

  • Samara Hersch | We all know what's happening (22 - 24 aug / Grand Theatre) 
    • Seven privileged children tell the tale of dozens of their unfortunate peers who are less lucky: they’re imprisoned. They are being held prisoner in the controversial detention centre on the beautiful island of Nauru where Australia sends its migrants to await immigration documentation.
  • Half Straddle | Is This a Room (22 - 24 aug / Grand Theatre)
    • Is This a Room is a disturbing real-life theatre thriller about the Trump era. It tells the unbelievable, true and still ongoing story of 26-year-old intelligence specialist Reality Winner from Texas. Accused of leaking confidential information about Russian interference in the last US presidential elections. 
  • Davis Freeman / Random Scream | Do My Mouth (22 -24 aug / VRIJDAG Theater)
    • Do my Mouth is a brave, hilarious stand-up comedy touching upon life, death, #metoo and a grandfather who belongs to the Ku Klux Klan. Perhaps a better way to put it: a candid yet confronting and tragicomic mix of TED Talk and pep talk. 
  • Teddy's Last Ride | KillerWave (23 - 25 aug / Watertoren)
    • KillerWave is the new multi-disciplinary performance by Teddy's Last Ride that explores the complexity of saying goodbye to a loved one, mixing elements inspired by cults of the sci-fi genre (do you remember Interstellar, Star Trek, Do Androids?).

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