Performing at Noorderzon

The Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen sets out to programme work drawn from the newest and the best in inter-disciplinary international theatre. We are specifically looking for performers and performances that explore theatre in its broadest of senses. In this sense other disciplines, such as music, puppetry, circus, mime, video, new media, and so on, are frequently involved.

If you want to let us know about your work, please send information to:

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen
Mr. Mark Yeoman - artistic director
P.O.Box 1736
9701 BS Groningen

or by e-mail to:
Please note: attachments larger than 8MBs will bounce. Please use Wetransfer or similar programs to send your large attachments to us.

Participation is by festival invitation only.

If your work is relevant to our festival, we will ofcourse try to come and see it live somewhere. If you want us to return your materials to you, please state this in writing, and label your materials clearly with a return address.

Mark Yeoman is unfortunately not able to talk to everybody in person, and hope for your understanding in this. Mark starts his programming ofcourse well in advance - up to a year, and continues to program up to roughly April/May in the running year. This doesn't mean we will not take any materials into consideration after these months: your materials and invitations are always welcome and the programmingperiod is not officialy closed, but fairly filled up by then.


Alice Ripoll - Suave

(c) Pierre Borasci

Alice Ripoll - Suave