Chantal Acda

Concert at Podium Plataan

Brussel, Belgium

Hanneke Wetzer

Dreaming away with a fragile soul
The coming-of-age tale of Chantal Acda, of Belgian-Dutch heritage, is all about shaking off a wild past. She began as an indie-rocker in the turbulent Brussels scene, playing with bands such as Isbells, Marble Sounds and True Bypass, but it was in the studio of Berlin maestro Nils Frahm, where she ended up in 2013, that she truly found her passion. Her album Bounce Back really reflects the deeply personal nature of her music, revealing the beautiful vulnerability of her fragile soul.

“As easily as she is upset by awful images in the evening newscast, she finds it just as simple to take a blank sheet of paper for writing lyrics and maintain her equilibrium using a microphone, piano or guitar, fighting back with engaging songs.

- Willem Jongeneelen, OOR