Concert at Het Dok

Vancouver, Canada (BC)

┬ęTed Blois

Rock royalty from Canada
The banished King of Rock. That’s how music magazine Fader once described songwriter Dan Bejar, founder of Destroyer and involved before that in The New Pornographers, where he first found fame. Like a mad chemist in a lab, he started out in the 1990s mixing genres like glam, MIDI and Spanish underground. His current evolution as Destroyer is a perfect recipe combining remarkable prose, astounding instrumentation, sleazy synthesizers and the intimate vocals of Bejar. This well-balanced indie rock band produces an impressive wall of sound that echoes the sounds of the 1970s and 1980s. Noorderzon is preparing itself for a royal visit from Canada. Let Destroyer shake and quake you!

“In contrast to their tousle-haired leader's static demeanour, his band are a lively bunch, enthusiastically recreating the lushness of his most recent work with skill and character.”

- Adam Elmahdi