Dia del Mercado

Concert at Podium Plataan

Groningen, The Netherlands

Ruud Slingerland

Delicious melancholy
Forget the movies and visit the Dia del Mercado gig. The cinematic and visually evocative music written by Ruud Slingerland will easily convey you to rolling plains, dusty streets and distant places. His narrative-packed songs are influenced by dark Americana, alt country and the psychedelic pop sounds of the 1960s. At Noorderzon, Dia del Mercado will be focusing on his narrative work in a cosy semi-acoustic stage setting. Dia del Mercado is that band that you allow to get close, despite knowing it will really hit home.

“Dia del Mercado carries you along on a brief journey”

- Jan van der Meulen, 3voor12 Groningen