Dr. Chris Tonelli i.s.m. Arts in Society

Vocal Finding, Vocal Freeing

Groningen, The Netherlands

Sijtze Veldema

Dr. Chris Tonelli, Vocal Finding, Vocal Freeing: The last 70 years of the Expansion of Singing
Have you ever been told you don't have a pleasant singing or speaking voice? Have you ever felt you should not sing in public because you're not a good enough singer? In this talk we will focus on how social expectations and processes shape the ways we use our voice and we will learn about a history of singers with different ideas about what kinds of voices and vocal sounds should be audible in public. From Yoko Ono to Jeanne Lee to Roy Hart to Jaap Blonk and Greetje Bijma, many singers have chosen to validate vocal sounds that others reject. Many of these singers have also worked to create spaces and choirs open to the public and focused on ensuring that we can all explore our voices together in a space where all vocal sound is heard as valuable. This talk, which will draw on research from Dr Chris Tonelli's forthcoming book Voices Found: Free Jazz and Singing, will introduce a broad range of extranormal singers and explore the histories and social benefits of spaces where we are free to explore our voices without limitations.