Ezra Furman

Concert at Het Dok

Chicago, Illinois (US)

©Mathias Schwarz

Musical chameleon in the park
This 31-year-old indie rocker from Chicago has gained a legendary reputation in recent years. With his flamboyant appearance, Ezra Furman always makes a lasting colourful impression. Whether performing at the massive Glastonbury Festival or in a back-alley pub in London, Furman truly knows how to create a vibe. His band The Boy-Friends includes horns, percussionists and a master magician at the keyboards. His recent album Transangelic Exodus reflects Furman’s affinity with the darker side of life and his love of hot music with a heavy nod to glam rock. From way up in the stratosphere down to intimate musical entrancement, he has it all.


"The sense that spectators were watching a future superstar was hard to suppress"

- Jacob Stolworthy, The Independent