Mariano Pensotti & Grupo Marea


Buenos Aires, Argentina

World Premiere

Sergio Calvo

Unique marathon masterpiece transports you to Germany and Argentina
World-renowned theatre maker Mariano Pensotti’s long-awaited Diamante takes Noorderzon and Grand Theatre on an unbelievable adventure, across the border! A bus will take you from Groningen to the Ruhrtriennale in Duisburg, one of the largest performing arts festivals in Europe. Pensotti’s marathon masterpiece Diamante has arisen there.

Diamante is a fictitious company town, which was modelled after a northern Argentinian company town, founded a century ago by Goodwind, a private Germany business which also owned it. Over the course of six hours while wandering through this settlement, you will experience the rise and fall of a town where capital rules. Diamante is celebrating its aniversary, but things are starting to change as a violent event happened recently, an economic crisis is on the rise and a political campaign divides the population. The piece narrates three different moments in the life of this fictional city over a year through the stories of their inhabitants. The audience access to a part of Diamante and moves walking freely by the place, choosing which scenes to watch and in which order. How are the lives of people living in a place created by a company? What happens when our neighbors are our coworkers? Which stories can be developed in such a place? What happens when the unexpected breaks into the extremely planned? Experience Pensotti at his very best in a Noorderzon experience which is nothing more than absolutely unique. 

You read that correctly: when you go to Diamante, you are on a field trip with Noorderzon all day. This performance takes place at the Ruhrtriennale in Germany. With our Noorderzon bus you leave at 11:00am from Groningen Central Station. You arrive in time for the beginning of the show, which starts at 3:00 PM. Diamante lasts a total of six hours including two breaks. Right after the performance we leave for Groningen again at 09:00pm by bus. Of course we provide something to eat and drink.


“For the past fifteen years Argentine director Mariano Pensotti has created extraordinary performances
that use innovative and unexpected locations and set pieces (…)”

- Analola Santana, Theatre Journal


Text and director | Mariano Pensotti
Set | Mariana Tirantte
Music | Diego Vainer
Light | Alejandro Le Roux
Artistic Production | Florencia Wasser
Performers | in casting

A commission | by Ruhrtriennale in co-production with Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival/Grand Theatre Groningen.


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