Mohamed Yusuf Boss


Groningen, The Netherlands

Niels Knelis Meijer

SHAN is a solo dance performance created by Mohamed Yusuf Boss, while the word ‘shan’ also means ‘five’ in Somali. This dance performance tells the tale from the perspective of Mohamed’s mother, who fled Somalia in 1989 with five children, ending up in the Netherlands. In the performance he examines how his mother experienced the flight, and whether it resembles his own experience. Using urban dance, Mohamed tells a story which is relevant to the day, about a family fleeing and ending up in a new world.

Unsuitable for children



Choreography | Mohamed Yusuf Boss
Producers | Station Noord, Club Guy & Roni, Noorderzon, Urban House Groningen.
Creative producer | Jaukje van Wonderen
Scenography and light | André Pronk

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