NNTWEE i.s.m. Club Guy & Roni


Groningen, The Netherlands

Life is a Rave
NNTWEE, the interactive and interdisciplinary youth platform of NNT and Club Guy & Roni, has created a new shipping container performance entitled Life is a Rave. Using contemporary theatre, dance and music, current affairs are addressed, since the show is inspired by the concept of “Burnout Society”. The audience and performers collaborate in creating a 20-minute party in a kaleidoscopic shipping container. The show is thematically linked to the Club Guy & Roni performance Mechanical Ecstacy, which will be touring the Netherlands this autumn.

Suitable for 15 and older


Directors |Afra Rijkhoff, Sarah van der Meere
Choreography | Rogier Dasselaar          
Performers/dancers/musicians | Students recruited in auditions


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