Omar Souleyman

Concert at Het Dok

Damascus, Syria

Dan Monick

Riveting finale to Noorderzon 2018
We will be concluding Noorderzon 2018 with a global dance phenomenon, who recently recorded a single with Björk, no less. Omar Souleyman began his musical career in 1994 as a wedding singer and entertainer in his homeland Syria. His unique and riveting mix of electronica and Arabian dabke music was picked up in 2006 by Sublime Frequencies, an American connoisseur record label that introduced Souleyman to the Western world. The rest is history: his enchanting and festive live shows were just what the US, Canada and Australia were waiting for, as well as festivals like Pukkelpop, Glastonbury and Roskilde. We’re lucky to add Noorderzon to the list. So break out your dancing shoes and practice your moves: this year we’re going out with a bang!