After Noorderzon

Groningen, The Netherlands

It's a first! This Noorderzon you can drastically extend your Noorderzon experience at the five afterparties which OOST will be organising. Hidden behind the glass doors at Oosterstraat 13a, on all festival Fridays and Saturdays – with a Thursday thrown in for good measure – there is a perfect reason not to head home right away. The party in OOST will only begin after the last sounds have died away in the Noorderplantsoen: you are more than welcome from midnight on. In addition, OOST will be hosting both festival Fridays at Podium op Zuid, presenting music with an electronic edge. At OOST expect a combination of live acts, DJs, international artists and local artists, including Dollkraut, GE-OLOGY, Pushin Wood, Oceanic and more. At or after Noorderzon? Go OOST!

24 aug | OOST • After Noorderzon w/ Dollkraut + Christian Thomas
25 aug | OOST • After Noorderzon w/ Pushin Wood all night long
30 aug | OOST x Clash • After Noorderzon w/ Interstellar Funk, Phuong Dan
31 aug | OOST • After Noorderzon w/ Ge-ology + Duke Hugh
 1 sept | OOST • After Noorderzon w/ Oceanic + Mor Elian