The GO! Team

Concert at Het Dok

Brighton, United Kingdom

©Annick Wolfers

Marching band with superpowers sets the place shaking
They describe their sound as a “a school marching band gone rogue”. We can’t top that, so we won't even try. The GO! Team mixes confetti, indierock, soul, garage, old skool hip-hop, Bollywood soundtracks  and cheerleaders with yet even more confetti. See if you can keep from breaking into dance while listening to their latest album Semicircle, which The Daily Indie has pronounced the summer album of the year. This six-strong band from Brighton will be marching to Het Dok this year, so prepare yourself for an irresistibly fun and enchanting British invasion.



“The Go! Team burst onto stage with typical energetic verve; the enigmatic Ninja immediately taking charge with her unique vocal talents (…) The Go! Team are far from losing their edge.”

- Gareth Ludkin, Buzzmag