Wansmakelijk Goed x Bioscoopje


Groningen, The Netherlands

Poor taste buds delight in scrumptious fare
Just like last year, a shipping container will be transformed into a cosy mini-cinema! Together with the ladies of Wansmakelijk Goed, mini-cinema Bioscoopje will once again be presenting shorts, although this year they’ll certainly not be to the taste of the wider public. From horror to comedy, it will be wansmaak (poor taste) galore. It could be a morbid fairy tale, exorcism gone wrong or a toe-curling get-together with the in-laws. Do you dare to enter? Then you’ll be in for a surprise!

The shorts this year:
Fool’s Day (2013) | 20 min | 12 and older
Stepsister (2015) | 18 min | 12 and older
Dead Hearts (2014) | 17 min | 12 and older
The Cleansing Hour (2016) | 19 min | 16 and older


Fool’s Day (2013) |  Cody Blue Snider
Stepsister (2015) | Joey Izzo
Dead Hearts (2014) | Stephen W. Martin
The Cleansing Hour (2016) | Damien LeVeck

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