Groningen, The Netherlands

Niels Vlaanderen

A digital organism in the Noorderplantsoen pond
Like lilies they float in the Noorderplantsoen pond, hundreds of lighting elements that together form Lily. Groningen artists collective WERC will be presenting the successor to Waterstaat at Noorderzon, which you may recall from 2014. The new digital organism uses sensors to respond to the water temperature, the movement of the pond surface and the size of the fleet. This light artwork is inspired by complex patterns in nature, such as flocks of birds and schools of fish. During the festival, WERC will be turning over complete control of Lily to the Noorderplantsoen – our host – letting Lily act as it pleases. Every evening after sunset, another array of beautiful and unpredictable patterns will emerge, which will leave you transfixed.


Concept | WERC
Coproduction | Welcome to the Village en Noorderzon

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