Stichting Peerd

Hoes en Heerd

Groningen, The Netherlands

(c) Susan Schuls

Stichting Peerd | Hoes en Heerd

Groningen dialect makeover

A musical theatre performance that has Groningen written all over it, yet performed in a way so not Groningen. Vocalist Marlene Bakker and actor Roger Goudsmit portray (entirely in Groningen dialect) the ‘Groninger uprooted from the clay’ and the ‘migrating Migrant’. Tolerance and mistrust, hope and fear, leaving or staying – everything is touched upon. The scenes and sketches are accompanied by Groningen dialect songs with foreign influences: Arabic, African, Balkan and Latin American. Some of the musicians have lived in Groningen for their entire lives, while others have been here for a while or have just arrived. A musical theatre show bordering on cabaret, about hope and the inevitable.

‘Ik zeg Moi en Salaam (I say hi and salaam)
dat kin toch nait verkeerd wezen (wrong that can never be)
hold ogen en oren open (keep my eyes and ears open)
heb niks te vrezen’. (so nothing can trouble me)



Written and directed by | Theo de Groot
Compositions | Remko Wind
Musical design | Theo de Groot, Remko Wind
Performers | Marlene Bakker and Roger Goudsmit
Musicians | Conny Essbach (clarinet, accordion), Jaber Fayad (oud), Junior Martir (drums and percussion), Henry Sopacua (bass), Jenifer Yánez Villahermosa (piano, saxophone)
Stage design / assistant director | TJ da Silva

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