Tomoko Mukaiyama


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Tomoko Mukaiyama | HOME

Dancing in the living room

Home. With so many people fleeing their homes across the world today, the question arises what the word means precisely. For most people home means the place where you feel safe. A microcosm where, protected from the harsh world outside, you can be yourself. With her brief performance HOME – a combination of dance, video and photography – interdisciplinary artist Tomoko Mukaiyama has created a place where every visitor can feel at home: a cosy living room revolving around dancer Ema Yuasa. For her performance Mukaiyama based herself on the shrines that are the focal point of every Japanese living room, where past, present and future meet. She has often been a guest at Noorderzon, always with memorable performances and art projects.  


Concept & director |Tomoko Mukaiyama
Choreography | Tomoko Mukaiyama & Ema Yuasa
Performance | Ema Yuasa
Music |Tomoko Mukaiyama & Domitri Shostakovich
Photo & video |Tomoko Mukaiyama
Stage technology I Yutaka Endo (LUFTZUG)
Producer | Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation

Coproduction | Saitama Triennal, Japan
With the support of | Fonds Podiumkunsten, Grand Theatre Groningen

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