Concert at het Dok

Tucson, USA

(c) Daniel Martin Diaz


Wild west experience

Did you know that the desert creates sound? You can hear it in the Sahara, but also nearby Tucson, Arizona. And that is precisely where XIXA hails from. The band, including Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan (of Giant Sand fame and also known from working with Calexico, Tinariwen and KT Tunstall), uses that typical desert sound and has worked it into the glistening, sandy songs on their debut album Bloodline. Tucson and its legendary music scene play a strong role in XIXA’s music, yet their South American roots are also unmistakable. Americana mixed with Latin and rock ‘n’ roll, marinated in a psychedelic sauce: it sometimes sounds so much like an excellent Western soundtrack that even the idyllic Noorderplantsoen appears to have been dropped straight into the wild West.