Altin Gün

Concert at het Dok

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Altin Gün

Explosive and dangerously danceable
Altin Gün is a Dutch band comprising Jasper Verhulst (who brought along two other band members of Jacco Gardner), a Turkish-Dutch singer and the percussionist of Jungle By Night. They combine traditional Turkish folk from the 1960s and 1970s with western rock, psychedelica and funk. The result is explosive and dangerously danceable. Once the six musicians take to the stage, their joy in playing resounds and they obviously would love to go on forever. Curious? If you want to find out what they sound like, it takes some doing, since the tracks online are far and few between. So until then, you will have to make do with their popular shows, and start out by seeing their performance on Het Dok.

“Altin Gün is all about the beauty of coincidence.  Verhulst typed ‘Golden Days’ into Google Translate. ‘Altin Gün’, was the translation tool's apt response.”