Benjamin Vandewalle

Walking the Line

Brussels, Belgium


City walk performance revolves around movement
Have you ever measured a room in footsteps or estimated the size of a crowd using yourself as starting point? Belgian choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle based his project Walking the Line on such relationships between our bodies and the space surrounding us. In this mixture of performance, choreography and installation, Benjamin takes you along on an urban journey, where he invites you to complete a series of physical assignments at certain locations. Together with your fellow audience members you will experience what it is like to be part of a space and part of a group. After the city walk performance revolving around movement, you will view your daily environment differently. Dance experience is not required, but a sense of adventure (which we have come to expect from Noorderzon visitors) may help.

Starting point at Grand Theatre

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Concept and performance | Benjamin Vandewalle
Performance | Nelle Hens, Evelien Cammaert, Gaël Santisteva, Cassiel Gaube
Dramaturgy | Jasper Delbecke (SoAP)
Production| Caravan Production (Brussels, BE) in cooperation with SoAP (Maastricht, NL)
International distribution | Caravan Production and SoAP, with Sarah De Ganck (Art Happens)
Coproduction | Kaaitheater (Brussels, BE), CDC Toulouse / Midi-Pyrénées (Toulouse, FR), SoAP (Maastricht, NL), KAAP (Oostende/Brugge, BE)
Special thanks to | Ruth Mariën

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