De Noorderlingen

Parade Exceptionnelle

Groningen, The Netherlands

De Noorderlingen | Parade Exceptionnelle

Parade Exceptionnelle!
As in former years, the young theatre makers from the theatre course Noorderlingen Vooropleiding Theater will be returning to Noorderzon with a new show. This year actors from every part of the course will be joining up and coming director Sanne Bokker in creating a truly remarkable performance … So come feast your eyes on their Parade Exceptionnelle!


Director | Sanne Bokkers
Director's assistent | Kevin Cusiël
Dramaturgy | Lotte Lohrengel 
Performers | Matthias Nijman, Rafael Stekelenburg, Sebastiaan Winter, Laszlo Jawad, Quinty van der Horst, Lotte Laurens, Vera Wind, Ronja Boer, Charley Tengbergen en Dick Kingma
Technology and design| Herman van Keulen
Costumes | Freja Roelofs
Picture | Boris Stokman

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