Floris Maathuis en Polygon Interactive

YARR het piratenspel

Groningen, The Netherlands

Floris Maathuis en Polygon Interactive | YARR het piratenspel

True-to-life pirate game
‘Ahoy, ye landlubbers! Follow me for an adventure on the Seven Seas!’ Take the wheel and assume the life of a pirate captain whose life, ship and dignity have all been taken from him by the Flying Dutchman. With your shipmates manning the cannons, you will sail the Caribbean in search of the most notorious vessel afloat. Plunder as many ships of the Verenigde Caribische Handelsmaatschappij as you can en route, but watch out that the King’s soldiers don’t capture you!

Yarr is a game created by the Groningen game company Polygon Interactive. Together with Floris Maathuis the game has been expanded into an experience installation, including life-sized statues, a huge ship’s wheel and cannon.

The dates of this performance have changed, Yarr will be at Rotor from the 18th till the 22nd of August.


Game development | Polygon Interactive, Mathijs Rosier
Installation design and construction | Floris Maathuis

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