Garage TDI

De man met het stenen hart

Assen, The Netherlands

Garage TDI | De man met het stenen hart

As cold as stone
Hans lives together with his mother and the cow and the goat in a rickety hut in the woods. They are poor, but happy. When his mother, cow and goat die, Hans is so unhappy that all he can do is cry. ‘If only I had a heart of stone’, Hans exclaims. Then a tiny man appears who offers to trade Hans a heart of stone for his tears. Hans jumps at the chance. Although it does feel a bit cold and heavy in his chest, at least he doesn’t have to cry any longer. Without feeling a thing, Hans sets out into the wide world. He becomes rich and famous and marries a beautiful princess, but Hans isn’t happy. He abandons the princess and leaves her in tears. He doesn’t care since he has a heart of stone! But just the way it should in a fairy tale, all ends well for him and the ability of true love to break even the hardest heart is proven.


Performance and music | Sijmen de Jong
Director and writer | Henk de Reus
Stage designer | Louise Caspers
Assistant stage designer | Sinne Brink
Created with the support of | M.A.O.C. Gravin van Bylandt Foundation, BNG Cultural Fund, Madurodam Children’s Fund

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