Groningen, The Netherlands

Har&Jet | DOZEN

The hilarious power struggle between Har & Jet
Harriët and Henriëtte, two ladies of a certain age, dislike the full versions of their names and prefer to be known as Har & Jet. They are constantly in each other’s hair and after 20 years together are still trying to change each other. In DOZEN Har & Jet move to a smaller home because they don’t have enough money. They pack their things, but can’t take everything along. Who will decide what can go and why? Between the moving boxes, a worn red purse, a book and a former love lead to a hilarious and precarious power struggle.


Actresses | Joke Tjalsma and Dette Glashouwer
Concept and script | Aletta Becker
With special thanks to | Emmaplein Foundation
A theatre production by | Stichting Square Web 
With special thanks to |  1-kleurversie logo + payoffAfbeeldingsresultaat voor emmaplein foundation

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