Het Houten Huis presents: Wabi Sabi (Maarten Smit)

Onderzoek ‘Blinde Vlek’

Groningen, The Netherlands

Het Houten Huis presenteert: Wabi Sabi (Maarten Smit) | Onderzoek 'Blinde Vlek'

The boundaries of the internet
During Noorderzon, Maarten Smit will be investigating the world of big data and the blind spots surrounding privacy legislation. What do we know and what in particular don’t we know? Ethical issues of the day were the inspiration for raising consciousness among youth and adults about what digital privacy entails. The aim of Onderzoek ´Blinde Vlek´ (Blind Spot Investigation) is to create a theatrical setting where fact and fiction mix and run together. Together with a dancer, an actor and a musician, Maarten Smit investigates the boundaries of the internet.

Starting point at 20:00 at Oberon Tent, from which you'lll take a 15 minute walk to the performance location.


Concept and director | Maarten Smit
Performer, dancer | Davey Bakker
Performers | Willem van de Lely, Dimhy Tijssen
Design | Pim Kraan
Sound design | Raymund Gross en Martin Francke
Special thanks to | Edwin van den Andel, Marie Jose Bonthuis, de Noorderlingen, Het Houten Huis, De Peergroup, Jamie de Groot, De Steeg, Club Guy en Roni and Bits of Freedom

Vers Geperst! | Theatre company Het Houten Huis, Noorderzon and dance company Club Guy & Roni share the ambition of providing young talent with the opportunity to contribute to a full range of excellent professional dance and theatre performances for a young audience at Noorderzon. This year Het Houten Huis takes its turn.

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