Het Peloton


Groningen, The Netherlands

Het Peloton | Zomerverdriet

Family reunion
In Zomerverdriet you join the funereal meal of a wondrous family who have come together for the first time in years after having buried the pater familias. The meal will provide you with a tragicomic insight into how family members are faring. Not a single member of the family escapes the scathing yet humorous commentary on their lives with which the widow passes judgement.


Actors | Ron Akkerman, Shailaja Akkerman, Aletta van Caspel, Dienke Harms, Sigrid van Hoof, René Hoogschagen, Heike Koorenhof, Bianca Jagt, Piet Mulder, Lotte Taminiau, Milan van der Zwaan  
Director | Annemiek Dijkstra

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