Jacob Jolij

A monster under your bed?

Groningen, The Netherlands

Jacob Jolij | Een monster onder je bed?

Have you ever seen a monster under your bed, or felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, even though there wasn’t actually a call? You must have! Don’t worry, you’re not crazy – it all has to do with the way that your brain works. Your brain is always in the middle of a ‘guessing game’ in which it tries to interpret all the signals coming in via your senses. Sometimes it guesses wrong. And that means you can sometimes see or hear something that isn’t there (or vice versa of course!). Luckily your brain doesn’t just take a wild guess. It makes smart use of all kinds of information, from your memory, but also from your environment. In the lecture, Jacob Jolij, a lecturer at the University of Groningen will tell you all about your brain.