Margje Wittermans


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Greetje Mulder

Margje Wittermans | VluchtGoud

Slauerhoff seen through the eyes of a young woman
‘Only in my poems can I reside, never do I find shelter elsewhere.’ This is how a famous poem by J.J. Slauerhoff begins, one of the foremost Dutch poets and novelists of the early twentieth century. The line describes the love-hate relationship you maintain with the country you want to flee, but can never really leave behind: the so-called Slauerhoff syndrome. In VluchtGoud, narrating and singing via the poems of Slauerhoff and the tunes of the accordion played by Sietsema, theatre maker Margje Wittermans seeks an answer to the question whether she too is prone to the Slauerhoff syndrome. Margje takes the audience on board, to accompany her on her flight. To come to understand that even behind the last horizon no true destination lies.

NOTICE: an hour before the show starts there will be no more tickets available online, but only at the location.

“It is remarkable and moving to experience how Margje Wittermans expresses the tragedy of always desiring to be on a journey, with her wonderful singing, strong acting under the direction of Joop Wittermans, and accompaniment of the marvellous music of Sietsema.”



Performers | Margje Wittermans and Remco Sietsema (accordion)
Text | J.J. Slauerhoff and Margje Wittermans
Music | Cees van der Poel and Remco Sietsema
Stage director | Joop Wittermans
With special thanks to | Tryater, Stg Melanie, Oerol Festival, Annelies de Ridder and Chris Oelmeijer

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