Patrick Willocq | One finger cannot pick a stone

Strasbourg, France

Noorderlicht | Patrick Willocq - One finger cannot pick a stone

Photographic research project
French photographer Patrick Willocq created the project One finger cannot pick a stone commissioned by Noorderlicht. Based on interviews with inhabitants of the town of Yendi in northern Ghana, the photographer will be exhibiting six depictions of the rich cultural heritage of the Dagomba people. The large decorative sets made from locally sourced material were constructed with the aid of local artists and craftsmen. The photography project is part of the photographic research project entitled 'Society and Change in Northern Ghana’ which Noorderlicht is conducting in collaboration with universities in the Netherlands and Ghana. The entire project featuring the work of eight photographers will result in an exhibition and book in 2018.

Noorderlicht is a photo gallery in Groningen and an international photography manifestation, which will be taking place this year from 22 October until 26 November in the Der Aa-kerk in Groningen.