Štěstí | Geluk

Donderen, The Netherlands


PeerGrouP | Štěstí - Geluk

Quest for happiness
The newest smartphone, those hip sneakers or more likes on your Facebook page. In society today, we are constantly being digitally entreated to click and to purchase. We have been entirely weaned away from the ground beneath our feet. The role of the landscape that shaped and moulded us for centuries on end has faded. Or does it just seem so? What if that very same ground were to fight back? In Štěstí | Geluk three young theatre makers and artists from the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, led by director Dirk Bruinsma, have created a performance about our relationship with the landscape, which they present on the roof of the Big Building. How does the quaking Groningen landscape around Loppersum relate to the scraped-off land surrounding Horní Jiřetín in the Czech Republic? Who really cares about hip sneakers if the ground beneath our feet is literally disappearing?

This performance will be in a different language then what was mentioned in our magazine. It will be in English.

NOTICE: an hour before the show starts there will be no more tickets available online, but only at the location.​


Team | Dirk Bruinsma, Elénie Wagner, Eline de Vries, Jakub Cermák and Judith Döhn
Štěstí | Geluk is a collaboration between PeerGrouP Locatietheater (Donderen), Divadla Archa (Prague) and Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival (Groningen)

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