Project M


Tokyo, Japan

Dutch premiere

Project M | Mother

Mysterious roaming nomads
Four small nomads roam a dark space. Heavily laden, they search for an exit. Who are these four mysterious figures? And will they be able to find their way to safety? Japanese theatre maker Kuro Tanino has already made a strong impression at Noorderzon, such as last year with Avidya – The Dark Inn, a grim fairy tale with an impressive revolving stage set, and in 2010 with the masterpiece Frustrating Picture Book for Adults. His work is a guarantee for colourful and evocative theatre. This year Kuro returns with a mysterious adventure, a hommage to the Polish theatre maker Tadeusz Kantor, in which the audience is invited to acquaint itself with the four roaming beings.


Concept and director | Kuro Tanino
Production design | Caspar Pichner
Performers | Mame Yamada, Akaboshi Mitsuru, Pretty Ohta, Buttaman
Head of stage technology | Masaya Natsume
Production | Chika Onozuka
With the support of | The Saison Foundation and Goethe-Institute Tokyo

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