Manchester, United Kingdom

Dutch premiere

Quarantine | Winter

Living in the light of death
How do you deal with the fact that you will be dying? Which stories will you still want to tell? Winter is a delicate film portrait of someone living near Groningen who knows that he will soon be dying. English theatre group Quarantine recorded the ephemeral moment that plans must be made about a future cut short. An existence in which all of life and its daily foibles are suddenly thrust into the light of the inevitable. Winter is part of the tetralogy comprising Summer. Winter. Autumn. Spring. in which the group from Manchester attempts to capture the course of human life. Spring will also be playing at the festival this year. Entirely new versions of both Spring and of Winter will be presented at Noorderzon. Noorderzon coproduces this performance in the framework of NXTSTP. 

NOTICE: an hour before the show starts there will be no more tickets available online, but only at the location.

“Quarantine has created something genuinely special with this show. (...) a high watermark in the history of a remarkable theatre company.” 

- Steve Timms in The Skinny


Quarantine team | Richard Gregory, Lisa Mattocks en Sarah Hunter
Coproduction | NXTSTP
With support of | The Wellcome Trust
Special thanks to | Grand Theatre, Zorg Dichtbij

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