Stuck Herry

Rock & Roll College Tour

Groningen, The Netherlands

Daan Oosting

Stuck Herry | Rock & Roll College Tour

Rock & Roll class given by Stuck Herry
After the widely visited and well-received lectures in 2016, Stuck Herry has decided to up the ante and return with yet more new instructive and musical lectures on Rock & Roll. This year they will again be playing acoustic songs (with natural shipping container echo!) which will be introduced in unmistakable Groningen dialect by Prof. P. de Haan, PhD (also known as Pé of illustrious duo Pé Daalemmer & Rooie Rinus). Of course one of the lectures will be about Chuck Berry, who passed away this year – that’s a given when you’re called Stuck Herry (some noise) – while the lecture entitled ‘Revolvers in R&R’ promises to be both instructive and hilarious. Come prepared! The class will be questioned and the brightest pupil can count on a treat!


Stuck Herry | Ep Oosting, Peter de Haan, Martin Tuinte, Theo Dijkstra

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