Teddy's Last Ride with Hendrik Aerts


Groningen, the Netherlands

Teddy's Last Ride | Self-Accusation

In Self-Accusation by Austrian actor Peter Handke, the main character accuses himself and thus attacks the cumbersome moral he has to meet and his so-called free will. Actor and theater maker Hendrik Aerts made this speech a visual, interdisciplinary dance performance with live music, video and text. A show that explores corporate debt, shame, disillusionment, regret and failure. It's about mortality and an attempt to get bigger than what has already been devised for you. Self-Accusation is a silly and ironic attack on our moral guilt. Self-Accusation is the third and last piece of the Handke trilogy that will be brouht to a stage by Hendrik Aerts in collaboration with the Poetic Disasters Club, for Noorderzon they will adjust this play to fit setting of a container.


Text | Peter Handke 
Dancers |Agnese Fiocchi 
Performer/Singer | Andy Smart 
Music | Jonathan Bonny 
Costumes | Marrit van der Burgt 

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