Theater Heisa


Groningen, The Netherlands

Theater Heisa | Blijf!

Attic full of remember-things
Right below the roof is Hanne’s attic. What’s the best part about Hanne’s attic? That she is always there with Sanne. When Sanne comes over, the attic is no longer just the attic, but it becomes their special place. You can play there, be bored there, get lost there, dress up there, hide there, crumple up there and have fun far and wide there, far ... far ... far away. But what if a dressing up trunk becomes a moving trunk? Hanne is going to move far, far away. Sanne wants to go along, although of course she can’t. Because people don’t fit into a moving box. So whatever can they do?

Blijf! (Stay!) is a musical performance about remember-things, for children aged about 4 and over.


Script and performance | Saskia Broertjes and Herien Koning
Director | Grytha Visser
Stage design | Bas de Bruijn and Saskia Broertjes
Stage technology | Sebastiaan Wilbrink
Compositions | Martijje Lubbers
Music production | Michel Wijninga – Studio MON
Photography | HenX
Graphic design | Kortsluiting
Producer | Emil Klok

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