Concerts on podium Op Zuid

Groningen, The Netherlands

A cultural story behind every door
Babaddaar (Bad Ad Daar, Arabic for "The Door of Our House") is a warm place where newcomers in Groningen together create art and tell stories, in this case through song and dance.

In We Zijn Nieuwkomers (We Are Newcomers), Malek, Ataa and Rayan sing the story behind door 5. It is movingly beautiful and is about courage and moving on with life after severe suffering. But above all, We Zijn Nieuwkomers is about passing on hope to those who are in war situations or who are victims of a humanitarian disaster.

Together with Noumer Dabke Culture, Babaddaar tells the story behind door 10. Dabke (Arabic: دبكة, literally: stamping) is a modern Levantine-Arabic folk dance that is performed on cheerful occasions. It is a fascinating mix of round dance and line dance and is all about collaboration. See the beautifully beautiful work of these international artists and experience the connecting effect of art.

*Babaddaar is supported by Noord Nederlands Toneel and Club Guy & Roni.


We Zijn Nieuwkomers
Vocals | Atallah Nabki & Karla Nabki    
Guitar | Malek alhalbi  
Beatbox | Rayan Morshed  
Director | Ahmad abdulwahab  

Dabke Cultuur
Piano | Nomer Alali
Drums | Ibrahim Maxi
Aoud | Mohamad Ahmad
Tabla | Majd Alset 

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