Boy Azooga

Concert at het dok

Cardiff, United Kingdom


Beach Boys, Nigerian funk, kraut rock and 1940 British noir
Multi-instrumentalist and king eclectic Davey Newington was born musical powers. His grandfather played the drums for the Royal Marines and both of his parents played in the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Boy Azooga is about celebrating the immense variety that music has to offer. The sound of this young band from Wales spans a wide spectrum of genres and styles. They flirt with Nigerian funk, or get inspired by a 40s noir novel. Krautrock, Beachboys, 70s synth pop: it is all possible in the universe of Boy Azooga. And during Noorderzon the center of that universe is briefly on Het Dok.

“Wickedly fun, and made to be played on festival stages this summer, it’s short glimpse into the musical landscape of Newington’s mind – and one that we’re pretty bloody glad he shared.”

- Hannah Mylrea - NME