De Nwe Tijd / Freek Vielen & hetpaleis

Doe de groeten aan de ganzen

Antwerp, Belgium

Dutch Premiere

Diego Franssens

Intriguingly comforting celebration of life and death
Exactly a year ago, a sister and brother's dog died. Which is why they are celebrating. The cake has just been cut and the lemonade poured when the bell rings. Death is standing at the door. And that turns out to be a real treat. In his melancholic piece Doe de groeten aan de ganzen (Say Hello to the Geese), together with his talented company, philosophical theatre maker and stage poet Freek Vielen brings an intriguing and achingly beautiful world to life in which the actors celebrate life and death together with you. One of the leading roles is played by Danny Ronaldo of Circus Ronaldo, an ensemble that visited Noorderzon in 2002, which drew vast crowds. Doe de groeten aan de ganzen is a comforting, heartwarming and musical performance intended for younger theatre audiences, but without a doubt for their parents too.

“This is a true circus theatre fest with a sweet twist of acerbity, as well as with a delightfully delicious final surprise that will be cherished by young and old alike.”

- Els van Steenberghe, Focus Knack


Playwright and director | Freek Vielen
Performers | Tim David, Danny Ronaldo, Margo Verhoeven
Stage design | Czeslaw de Wijs
Music | Harald Austbø
Light | Czeslaw de Wijs
Dramaturgy | Rosa Vandervost
Costumes | Sabina Kumeling
Production | hetpaleis, De Nwe Tijd
Technology | hetpaleis, De Nwe Tijd

With the support of Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government

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