Concert at het Dok

Kinshasa, Congo

Congolese dance music from the Kinshasa underground spreading hope
Against the backdrop of the politically unstable DR Congo, in recent years an exciting, revolutionary music scene has been developing in its capital city, Kinshasa. Among the influential bands featuring in this world is KOKOKO!, who claim to have written the soundtrack to the future of Kinshasa. So what does such a soundtrack sound like? Their combination of 808 drum machines, synthesisers and homebuilt musical instruments made from street waste, ones they design themselves, all adds up to an unmistakable sound, unpolished and free, packed with irresistible beats. With their powerful vocals, exhilarating dance moves and tinkling brake disks, they will be spreading hope this summer with their dance-inciting sound at Het Dok.

“Focusing euphoria out of chaos, Kokoko! returned music-making to its initial purpose: to empower, unite, and overcome.”

- Jeremy Steinberger, The Austin Chronicle