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Groningen, the Netherlands

Platform GRAS | Urban Tour

Alternative tour through Groningen
So you think you really know Groningen? Well think again! With a new series of Urban Tours, Platform GRAS is back with yet more city expeditions, brought to you by striking duos. Join De Onkruideniers (The Weed Grocers), Jonmar Vlijmen and Ronald Boer, and discover unwanted nature in the city. Explorer of the Everyday Bram Esser and the always critical Wabbesch Wabbesch go in search of surprising stories in a Groningen neighbourhood. Diandian Guo from China and Lior Stenberg from Israel tell you all about international Groningen, while the young artists of ZUHAUSE introduce you to the Groningen underground. Open doors that otherwise remain closed, climb over walls and fences and listen to new, exciting Groningen stories.

Groningen Architecture and Urban Development Platform (Platform GRAS: Platform Groningen Architectuur en Stedenbouw) is a centre for architecture in Groningen that promotes knowledge and debate about the built environment.    

18 aug | 16:00 en 20:00 ZUHAUSE (ENG) | 19:00 Bram Esser + Wabbesch Wabbesch
19 aug | 16:00 en 19:00 De Onkruideniers | 19:30 ZUHAUSE (ENG) | 20:00 Diandian Guo + Lior Stenberg (ENG)
20 aug | 16:00 De Onkruideniers | 16:30 en 20:00 Diandian Guo + Lior Stenberg (ENG)
21 aug | 16:00 en 20:00 Bram Esser + Wabbesch Wabbesch

Different times than in our programme magazine:  ZUHAUSE at Aug 21 has been moved to Aug 19.