Concert at het dok

Antwerp, Belgium

©Jelle Inghels

Sultry no-nonsense live hip hop
Like his friend Romelu Lukaku, Antwerp rapper TheColorGrey longed to become a professional football player, but his musical talent led him elsewhere. Years later, they reflect together on their troubled youth and the road to fame in their track entitled New Levels. Now 25, Will Michiels raps his razor-sharp lyrics with their clear message over a deliciously sultry mix of R&B, jazz and soul. He shifts effortlessly between dreamy vocals and couplets emerging at supersonic speed. His is a much-needed voice countering black & white thinking – and it's a beautiful voice at that. Simply put, he's the perfect artist to wrap up the last Noorderzon Saturday at Het Dok!

“It's refreshing to hear TheColorGrey tell stories that do not involve drugs, sex or murder. We learn about the person behind the artist and the struggles he encounters in the music world.”

- Kim Loosvelt, Dansende Beren